Any information within the MyFxtops official website and its subordinate web pages (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform") is intended to provide the public with the transaction dynamics and information services of website traders and followers. This website does not provide any form of investment advice. The transaction strategy and system-generated trading signals provided by this website trading system do not represent any form of recommendation or inducement information. MyFxtops does not sell or buy foreign exchange, CFDs, derivatives and other financial instruments. This is verified through "this statement" below.

This statement is signed by MyFxtops Limited "The Company" and individuals or companies registered on the website www.MyFxtops.com ("Partners") who have explicitly accepted these terms and conditions.

This site has taken prudent measures to verify the information, but it does not guarantee that the information contained in it is accurate. Please understand that our information may not be comprehensive, or that it may be omitted or delayed. Neither this site nor the independent information provider will be liable for any measures taken due to errors, incompleteness, delays, inaccuracies or reliance on the information on this site. All forecasts or opinions (such as prediction of future exchange rate changes) and trading activities based on these forecasts only represent the personal opinions and behaviours of third parties and do not represent the position of the company or its partners and affiliates. You must understand that the prediction(s) of the third party does not represent any kind of performance indicator. This means you must not follow either directly or indirectly without further information. You must conduct independent analysis to make investment judgments, and you should understand that the investment behaviours based on the judgment of the content of this website may generate actual profit or loss. Based on the trading strategies and signals provided by this website, you use the personally-configured trading system to make investment decisions that are the result of your own decisions and you must take all risks at your own risk.

This website clearly shows the transactions in foreign exchange, CFDs, derivatives and other financial instruments in order to generate revenue; however you must also understand that there are considerable risks associated with it. The trading follow-up system of this website is only applicable to followers who have a thorough understanding of high-risk investments. You should only use funds which you can afford to lose. The past performance of any trading strategy cannot represent its future performance and therefore should be treated as such. As future exchange rates fluctuate unpredictably, any personal strategy, financial advisor, manual or automated trading system cannot guarantee that any kind of forecast may generate profits, so the investment forecast must be judged through its own analysis. Never invest without taking all this into consideration.

Neither MyFxtops nor any of our partners on this site can guarantee that your investment will be profitable based on the information provided by MyFxtops by using the personal configuration trading system. In addition, MyFxtops as the developer of the following trading system will not be responsible for any loss of customers due to the delay or negligence of third parties (such as the service provider company or the cooperating broker). In addition to the above, MyFxtops makes it clear that it will not assume any responsibility for the strategies and trading signals provided by traders.

The laws and regulations where MyFxtops Limited is registered shall regulate any disputes arising from clients, potential clients or any associated parties.

In any civil or other proceedings in which a contracting party seeks to realise the rights under this statement or seek to declare any rights or obligations under this statement, each contracting party shall bear the costs and expenses of its attorney. The contracting party recognizes the exclusive jurisdiction and court venue.

The language of interpretation of this statement should be Chinese.

The company may provide this statement or any other documents, information and messages to its partners in multiple languages. This statement stipulates that the partner should recognise and confirm that the company's working language is Chinese. If there is a contradiction and inconsistency between the non-Chinese expressions and the Chinese expressions of any documents, information and messages, both parties will use Chinese documents, information and messages as standards.

—— HK Fxtop Global Limited


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